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Now I’m sure that some of you, hell, most of you, reading this are most likely scanning it out of sheer curiosity at my chosen title. I will be honest with you as to where my riveting title originates. There is a pretty amazing music group called ‘BOOMBOX’, and one of their songs is titled ‘GOLDMINE’. While cruising down life’s highway with a friend of mine, a line was sung that I understood simply from personal experience. So much so that this line inspired this post. (Much to the chagrin of my usually understanding friend Sheldon.)

Now, I’m sure that everyone reading this has heard of, or knows personally, a ‘trust fund kid’. Even if you are unaware, I can almost guarantee that you personally know a ‘trust fund baby’, we are everywhere. If I’m being honest, I absolutely despise that phrase. Truthfully, I feel that it does not accurately apply to me. As it turns out,  I am the exception to, what I am told is a general rule.

“Born with a silver spoon in her mouth”. is another of those all too common phrases that really grinds my gears. I hope and pray that in this post I am able to clearly convey why these misconceptions bother me to such the extent that they do.

I will start at the beginning, the very beginning. I am adopted. I was only 3 days old when my new family brought me to my new forever life and home. I like to think that they fell madly in love with me at first sight. After all, I was a pretty adorable baby with huge, searching brown eyes. I was a precocious child. It was because of these early contradictions that usually one was forced to either love me or hate me, immediately. Thankfully, to the best of my recollections, most chose to love me.

Now, as I have said, I am a trust fund adult.  Naturally, when someone hears this they automatically assume that I am a spoiled brat who has everything handed to me.  This is absolutely not true. I wish it were true.  Now, being broke sucks.  Being broke sucks, even more, when you know that somewhere, nestled in a bank, there are accounts with your name on them, accounts containing millions of dollars, but you can’t touch them. Over this past year, I have been forced to feel the emptiness and worry that occurs when one has no money available to them.

“Standing on a goldmine starving.”

The only thing I stress and worry over is a lack of money  This is something I have only just recently learned about myself.  After my mom passed she left me money.  I used this money to buy myself a house, then I furnished said house to look and feel how I envisioned.  After that, I bought myself 2 beautiful horses and my 4 dogs never left my side the whole time.  When done, I realized my dream had come true.  You see, all I had ever wanted and dreamed of was to own a house on enough land so that I could have horses.  It’s an amazing feeling when your dream comes true.

The “fun money” lasted me about 2 years.  It was during this time that I learned what life is like when money is of no concern.  it’s lovely to shop and not have to check the price on the items you want.  It’s lovely to know that all your bills are paid in full.  Needless to say, the day my “fun money” ran out all of the stress and worry I had escaped from the last 2 years came skipping back as if it had never left.

“Standing on a goldmine starving,”

Once again I find myself living hand to mouth.  all my bills are paid but with the money, I am alotted each week, half goes to horse food and the rest to gas and food, with the occasional cell phone bill that I keep on autopay.  Stress and worry are now part of my daily life because on Friday’s I get a deposit, and usually by Friday night I have no more money in the bank, therefore, the next 6 days are spent sitting at home, wishing I could afford a manicure or even a dollar burger.

“Standing on a goldmine starving.”

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