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Life Lesson’s

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Hi friends. As I‘m sure you know, life lessons are never easy to learn. That being said, occasionally you meet someone (me), who, through no fault of her own, seems to almost unconsciously insist on taking the road that is NEVER traveled.  That person would be me. 

Hi, my blog is going to lay it all out there; every single dirty, little, detail of every road I have ever travelled. Good one’s, and bad one’s. Including the one’s that were never really meant to be ‘road’s’.  You will be privy to every path that I have stumbled, crawled, or limped down, in order to get to exactly where I am today. I am going to refer to my ‘road’s’, as life lessons.  I do want to add that not every, single lesson I have learned was done in the absolute most horrifing way, and I will include those as well.  I absolutly refuse to write my life story for you, while leaving out the good things. (And there are some VERY, VERY good things!!!)  

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