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Love is Blind

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I KNOW NOW THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY WOMAN OUT THERE WHO HAS DEALT (or is dealing with) A LOVER WHO was/is A LITLE TOO CONTROLLING, A LITTLE TO CLOSE- DOES ANYONE FEEL ME?  WHAT CAN YOU DO IF YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT THE PERSON, BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE THE CRUSHING WEIGHT OR THE PAIN ANY LONGER? Well I have no idea if there is a right way to handle a situation like this once it reaches that, almost dangerous, level. I do know that my first thought upon feeling that my life was actually in danger, was to have the cops do something. Well, if you do not already know this, there is really nothing they can do, until something actually happens. The danger has to truly become real. 

MYSELF IN THE POSITION OF HAVING TO DECIDE IF MY HEARTS OPINION WAS BETTER OR WORSE THAN MY MIND’S…  IF I WAS BEING HONEST, I KNEW THE END RESULT (if nothing changed) IN MY CASE.  SO I’M PUTTING THIS OUT THERE FOR ANY OTHER FEMALES OR MALES WHO MAY ONE DAY BE IN THIS (or a similar) SITUATION.  I LOVED THIS MAN SO MUCH, BUT I ALSO KNEW THAT HE HAD BEEN STEALING, LYING, TAKING MY CAR, AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF; MY SON HATED HIM- (this fact alone should have solved my problem immediately, but I remember thinking about how if I actually got him to go, I would be all alone. By that point everyone i loved had turned their backs on me)  REGARDLESS, THE END RESULT WAS- HE HAD TO GO.  ANOTHER BROKEN HEART, (and by that time my heart was already on life- support), BUT I REMEMBER THE FEELING OF SATISFACTION THAT I HAD, KNOWING I HAD MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE. (Even though the actual act of getting him away from me was a miracle in itself). LIFE IS SO VERY INTERESTING, THESE CURVE BALLS IT HAS THROWN AT ME.  I WOULD SURVIVE, I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO MOVE FORWARD. I HOPE WITH ALL OF MY HEART THAT ONE DAY THIS PERSON GAINS CONTROL OF HIS FEELINGS and ACTIONS. I also pray that eventually I, myself, will find love again. Maybe… One day… LATER READERS…

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