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Deep Thoughts

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If I were to take a serious inventory of my life, what changes would I need to make? This is the question that I ask myself, almost daily.
And then, once I can honestly answer this question, would I then be willing to turn my answers into my reality? I have been attempting to do exactly this.

It is important for & to me to get serious about my life — especially about manifesting my dreams and my future.
This month, my goal is to assess how far I’ve come, or not come. As well as how far I have left to go.

Over the last few months, the people and the events in my life have revealed to me whether i have been realistic or not, in my goal setting. Thus far, I feel that I have been fairly reasonable with the goals I have set for myself.
Perhaps it was someone I know, that had been expressing their dissatisfaction with the progress of an important relationship in their life that got me thinking about my relationships… 

As uncomfortable as doing this inventory can be, I have found that oppositions can be a time of reflection, and can provide valuable information, if only I pay attention. I plan to, from this moment forward. I will also be using this period of reflection to get clear about what’s most important to me.

Being brutally honest with myself, I ask, what am I willing to do/ and how far am I willing to go, to get to what I want? — Otherwise, I figure, I will soon become, or simply remain, disillusioned.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to start this blog. To help myself remember. I want to remember everything about my past,  to help me manifest the future that I desire.

Frances Stone


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