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Friends & Proper Hotel Etiquette

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I admit, the idea for this post is very much so based on real life. The idea came to me as I spent my ump-teenth night stressed to the max, and very close to pulling out my hair. I mean, how many times should I have to repeat things like; “please don’t let the door slam.” and “walk softly”. So the following is a list of rules, or Etiquette if you will, that friends should abide by while visiting in your hotel.image

1. PARKING-Upon arrival to said hotel, do not pull your car up to the curb. The proper thing to do is to park in the designated parking spots. This is done because other guests at said hotel tend to complain when autos are not properly stored. Which in turn will cause the friend you are visiting  to be berated by management. Trust me on this, the friend does not like this and you may not be invited back. Ever.

2. DOORS- Upon arrival at your friends door, it is customary to knock gently. Loud banging, and/ or kicking is not necessary. Remember before resorting to this that your friend may have stepped out for a minute.
Once invited inside, if you must leave the room for a smoke or phone call do not let the door slam on your way out. Try to remember that there are others in said hotel and if it’s nighttime, they are probably sleeping. And a reminder, constant in out in out is ill advised. As with the parking, guests tend to complain, which will get your friend a lovely managerial meeting.

3. GUESTS- Now, in my opinion this next one should go without saying, but I will say it anyway. If said friend in said hotel invites you over for a visit, it is not OK to invite your friends over as well. It is also just a visit people. Not a sleepover, nor an invitation to move into said room. The proper way to visit is to stay a couple hours and go home. Do not get dropped off with no ride home. That is just bad manners.

I hope this guide has clarified some lingering questions. If one abides by these guidelines then the visit should go well. Good luck!

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