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Neurogenix and Geniux are two of the nation’s new ‘smart pills’ aka\ brain boosters. I have read advertisements about these, supposedly, all natural, 100% safe pills that promise everything from improved memory and concentration, to long lasting energy, with no long or short term negative effects.

Curiosity won the seemingly never-ending battle I had been waging in my own head. I went to the GENIUX official website and for $58. ordered one bottle to satisfy my curiosity. Should I decide to order more, they offer discounts for three or more bottles. I simply feel that until I know if the product works, one bottle will suffice. After taking one pill I actually felt motivated to accomplish some items on my list I had been procrastinating. Overall, I feel that these brain pills are off to a good start.

BRAIN HEALTH- IT is said that Neurogenix and Geniux can safely support your brain in a number of different ways – by increasing important “learning” neurotransmitters., improving bloodflow, and boosting energy so you feel youthful and sharp.

MEMORY- Some of the ingredients in Neurogenix and Geniux are said to be scientifically proven to improve memory – enabling recall of more information more accurately with more clarity.

CONCENTRATION – Life is better when you can stay focused and pay attention. The blend in both includes several ingredients to help concentration and performance on a variety of mental tasks.

ENERGY- Neurogenix and Geniux deliver an incredible burst of energy that it is said to take effect within minutes and lasts up to 6 hours. The powerful stimulants give incredible, long-lasting energy without the crash or jitters of energy drinks or harmful side effects of prescription medication.

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