Hi everyone! I was checking out some articles on Google Plus and found this one. I want to shate it with you because I believe that our thoughts and actions have a huge impact on our lives. I believe the thoughts and vibrations we emit are determining our future. So I hope that you recieve some new knowledge on the subject. Happy blogging!


The chakras are energy centers within and around the body.  When they are closed, you can feel drained, out of sorts and disconnected from the Universe.  When your chakras are open, you feel more alive, connected and in tune with the Universal Energies.
There are many videos and tips
on opening your chakras.  These tips are meant to be practiced at home or in a safe and quiet space.

There are seven basic chakras. Here is one set of practices that works really well.  Check it out: http://7e0dfhoiia-nmqbrdhj6cq6t8x.hop.clickbank.net.
It’s a powerful blend of music and beats to create lasting frequency changes.


Let’s look at some other Chakra Energy Methods.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakra) Spinning  movement helps to activate your chakras:  In privacy, try experimenting with rotating and spinning different parts of your body.  Move your pelvis, circle your belly like a belly dancer, rotate your shoulders and upper body,.  Start slowly and gently.  Watch how this ups your frequency and affects your inner energy field.


You might also visualize spinning motion.  Visualizing atoms and electrons orbiting around each other can positively affect your chakras.  When the inner and outer spinning movement blend, positive results happen. ” As within so without.”

 Presence, Awareness, and Attention will activate your chakras more than anything.  Simply by paying attention, not just thinking about, but resting your consciousness on your chakras will activate them. Let a feeling of joy flow through your body.  Connect your heart to this joy and it will permeate your energy field.

The key is to be in a state of gentle focus.  It is not a “hard focus” or over efforting that opens an energy center.  It’s a joyful and delightful focus.

When you combine this gentle focus with movement, breath, visual imagery, sound, and light, you can open any chakra.  It’s a natural skill we all have.  It’s not so much about “learning to activate your chakra.”  It’s more about re-awakening this innate talent you have.

It also helps enormously to feel and realize when your chakras are already opened.  They are probably more open then you realize a lot of the time.  An open chakra can be subtle.  It is not always a “larger than life” feeling.  You know when they are open because you feel it in your heart.  You feel open, lighter and more expansive.  Honor and trust these moments and they will increase.

What matters most is Self-awareness.  Use your chakras to come to know what you are beyond the body and mind.
Walk as energy.
Feel your inner light.
That is what works the magic in your life.

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