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I write because I want people to feel.
Something, anything- as long as some reaction, some emotion is reached.

Everyone — every single person who clicks a link or opens the paper.  I want them to feel something.  With mistakes, I want them to feel the emotion and scenery of the problem; but especially here, I want every reader to connect and feel the words and the emotion behind them.


Most of my posts are about love, relationships, dating, sex, and other romantic ramblings as told through a female perspective, and yes, most are from my personal experiences. What better topic to tackle than something you’ve faced head-on?

People — be it friends, commenters, etc. — often ask if the people I write about know I’m writing about them.  Some do, some don’t, but I never use names unless they know about it.  The follow-up question is usually some variation of, “Don’t you think they’d mind?” and the short answer is, I don’t care.

I don’t mean that in a bitchy, “You’re a prisoner to the power of the pen,” kind of way, but the truth is that I don’t care.  Whatever I write is what I’m feeling, and I try to write it in a way that resonates with someone.


I write for the single stepparents or step-spouses, and the people who date them.

I write for the people who thought they had loved and thought that they were loved back.

I write for everyone who fell so hard that it felt like they had a concussion, and they have no idea what sent them falling in the first place.

I write because I want people to know that they’re not alone in what they’re feeling, whether it’s head-over-heels in love, paralyzing heartbreak, or mind-bending confusion.

I write because it’s therapeutic — an emotional release.  I know that whatever it is I’m going through, there are probably a million other people out there going through the exact same thing, good or bad.  Painful or pain-free.

In the good times, I hope it reaches them so that they know there’s no such thing as, “too good to be true,” and that they don’t need to search for flaws and red flags. They can just live in the moment, love the one they’re with, and enjoy it for however long it lasts — a day, a month, a year, or a lifetime.

In the bad times, especially in the bad times, I hope it reaches them so that they know they’re not “crazy” for feeling a certain way, or at the very least that there’s someone out there as “crazy” as they are. Most importantly, I hope it reaches them so they know things will get better.

Some people, sadly,  go through their entire life without ever experiencing the confusion of heartbreak, but thankfully, that’s not the case for most of us.  I write for the hopeless romantics, the lucky ones, the happy ones, the jaded ones, the broken ones; I write for all of us.

Few people want to be alone, and even fewer people want to feel alone; and that’s why I write — because even if someone out there is alone at the time they’re reading something of mine, I at least want them to feel like they’re not alone.

That is, in essence, why I write.

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  1. Beauty76 Avatar

    Thank you for reading. It makes it all worthwhile when someone comments or likes a post.

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  2. sillysadness Avatar

    I like when something I read creates, brings out, instigates as well as makes me think.

    Liked by 1 person

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