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Our leaders got confused.
We’re all leaders now.
They told us there was nothing we can do,
They were wrong.
When we tell ourselves there is nothing we can do,
we are wrong.
We never know how much,
and we never know how far it goes,
but always, we have power.
We are all making the soup we are all eating.
We are all wearing the cloth, we’re all wearing.
What we do can’t go away.
We are all in the circle together.
Anything we do randomly and frequently starts to make its own  sense, and changes the world into itself.
Senseless violence makes more and more sense.
When vengeance and fear take us nearer and nearer to a world where everyone is dead for no reason.
But violence isn’t the only thing that is senseless until it makes its own sense.
Anything you want there to be more of, do it randomly.
Do not wait for reasons.
It will make itself be more senseless.
Scrawl it on the wall.
Random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
We are right on the edge of discovering millions of new ways of being together.
Millions of new dances we can do together, minute by minute.
And we’re right on the edge of destroying ourselves out of life,
Because we are to scared of having that much delight.
We’re right on the edge.
The steps we take now make new Earth grow beneath our feet.
The steps we take now,
decide what kind of earth that will be.
In every moment we live,
We have the choice
To find the fight
Or make delight.
It’s a circle,
Start the dance.


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