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I see you always
standing, sitting.
You would frown and I could feel it.

Jumping to the music- I would watch as 
you glided along the carpet-
I’m so sad I can’t be with you.

We would walk in the woods,

We walked in the woods and I’d tell you of birds and beasts, and then I feel sad,  because you couldn’t respond..

I recall laughing and jumping to the music, and how you would stare; shocked at my oddity..

I want to scream! To yell out my unrequited love for you.

I speak, yet on the inside I feel mute. I would laugh aloud, yet inside I was crying and very slowly  breaking.

My life is a mask to most; but most of all, my heart a mask to you.

I wish I was able to express to you
what you mean to me, and how very much I truly cared- while you were still here.

Now you are gone,

All I have left of you are remnants of old letters, tattered pictures, and our shared memories.

 No one can touch those, they are mine, no, ours, and ours alone; ♡ FOREVER.

I love you.

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