Poetry of the Eye…

 Poetry of the Eye…

An excerpt.

Serpent Box

This journey began in abject demoralization. Ostensibly, I could not find a job. Application after application. Resume after resume. Nobody responds. You are reduced to near begging. You are reduced to headers, and tag-lines, acronyms and buzzwords. You lose your voice. You lose your self-esteem. You lose your humanity.

But it wasn’t just about job-hunting. People seemed to be lost in a fugue. Everywhere. The world, with its faces buried in smart-phones, has become even more oblivious to itself. Gun violence, racism, poverty, war, the erosion of common decency and respect, meanness, misogyny, greed, anger, hatred, apathy, fear – in a myriad of forms – has rendered us blind to each other. The zombie apocalypse is not a fantasy, it is a reality spun from our collective subconscious, and we are all infected, lumbering along in a mindless pursuit to devour each other.

I think the problem lies in…

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