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Hello.Today was a cool day. I ate barbecue chicken for dinner. It rained. I played checkers. I took a shower. I looked out my window at the rain. I thought about home. I went to the bathroom 3 times today. I just passed gas. There is a spider in my window, I watched it eat a fly. I will watch ‘Fear Factor’ on  TV tonight. I wonder what you are doing right now. Someone needs to cut the grass outside. My roommate moved out. A guy just walked past my window. Remember when I cried at your house? I want to go home. Do you remember coming over to my apartment? I see birds eating outside. I see dead people. I see bees flying around a piece of cake someone threw on the ground. 154 people live in my dorm. One time I climbed on top of a car as it sped down the road. I got a rush from that. I once threw a dead possum onto a girl’s porch. Once I masterbated in the waiting room of a mental health facility. The sun is coming out. The sun will rise everyday. I can always count on the sun. Well, I hope you had a cool day, like me. I will call you Thursday. I love you  love me to.  M.I.

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