☆☆☆I stumbled upon this post and realized that I, myself have also questioned some of the same things. Anyway, I wanted to share it with you. ENJOY !     ☆☆☆

1 – How does wind blow snow in, but it requires a shovel to get the snow out?

2 – When did pizza companies stop putting real coupons on their boxes? These are the exact same deals on your website and commercials! Why are you needlessly murdering baby trees?

3 – I hate when people say “we are all the same level here” when we aren’t. You are a higher position and make more money. Telling me “we are all the same” to get me to do your work doesn’t work…

4 – Why do people allow others to tell their side of the story? It is so much easier to be right if people only hear your side.

5 – Maybe men wouldn’t be such pigs in the bathroom if our restrooms were as nice and opulent as the women’s are.

6 – Why have people started calling everyone “fam?” That shit is annoying.

7 – Why do people on Facebook call you “confrontational” for not agreeing with them and then they aggressively tell you why you are wrong and how you have no fucking clue what you are talking about and should shut up. Or does that only happen to me…

8 – So the UN is a peace keeping force made up of troops from the united nations that are never deployed to actually protect people by force. Got it.

9 – People hate Earth so much they are willing to go on a one way trip to Mars. Humans can’t even stand to be on a plane with each other for a few hours. How can we really expect these same humans to last months and even years together on a spaceship? Will anyone even make it if there is no more overhead baggage room and a fight breaks out?

10 – Why do women persist in telling us the reason they went on a shopping spree is because “there was a sale!” You aren’t fooling anyone ladies. We know there is ALWAYS A SALE!

11 – If a toy comes with hundreds of tiny pieces it is impossible to put together. Why don’t they just write that on the box??? IMPORTANT: THIS SHIT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT TOGETHER. DON’T TRY.

12 – When you go to an “Asian restaurant” and you sniff the food like a dog to make sure you like it… you look like a dog. An actual dog. Stop trying to use chopsticks too if you don’t know how. It is embarrassing to your Asian companion… next time we’ll bring our substitute friend.

13 – Bloggers that email me for blogging advice and don’t hear what they wanted to hear are annoying. Particularly when they never respond back to you… not even with a “thank you.”


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