♡She Is Just NOT That Into You♡

♡She Is Just NOT That Into You♡

I have always heard of the myriad of ways a woman can know that a man is ‘just not that into her’. Do men simply not care if a woman is or is not ‘into him’? Regardless as to whether or not men actually care about this small inconsequential bit of knowledge, I care, and men should. Because as a single woman, when I am definitely NOT into a man, and they blindly continue their pursuit, at the least it’s annoying,  and at most it’s a HUGE turn off. So to men everywhere, this is the one fact that I feel every man and woman should know…

  • Women and men alike, always want what they can’t have.~ Yes. It’s true fellas. Haven’t you noticed that when you are calling and checking up on her 24 hours a day, she is short and irritable with you, if she answers at all. But, if you are out with friends or simply busy, that is when they will call you. Yes, it is a game. A game ALL of us play.
  • Another telltale sign of blatant disinterest is this. While kissing, if the eyes remain open and the arms are loosely wrapped or simply hanging by their side- chances are good that the person would like to be anywhere but there.

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