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Get Busy Living, or get busy dying…

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The time is NOW!! You know, carpe diem. YOLO. You already know all the “life is short” mottos. To be honest, in my opinion, they’re cheesy. They are cheesy because they are true.

The time is now my friend, to use the days wisely, whatever season you are in. Specifically speaking, if you’re in a very quiet and slow season take advantage of that time and use it!


Travel, see the world, do something you wouldn’t normally do. Netflix and relaxation can happen anytime; seeing the world is not always an option.

The time is now to stop vicariously living through others blogs, Instagram stories, or Snapchats, but to buy that plane ticket and seek out adventure. Instead of wishing to be at someplace, MAKE. IT HAPPEN. You’re only young once, you only have so many quiet seasons in your life, so why waste them doing what you usually would be doing when you’re busy?

Bars are so last week.

The time is now my friend to get out of your safe zone and do something that scares you. Do something that makes you feel alive, not trapped in your everyday routine. You will never regret traveling.

The time is now to explore my friend. Explore a bit on your own; learn how to survive by yourself. Learn to step away from technology and take advantage of the beautiful world we live in by looking up and not down on that stupid piece of technology that corrupts our daily lives. No more Pinterest, no more Google, no more wishing. If you want it bad enough, it can and will happen! You’re young and possibly single, If single, ENJOY THAT FREEDOM OF OPPORTUNITY. Stop wishing for a relationship, stop wishing for marriage, and asking all the “what if’s.”

Live in the present. Seize the freaking day, because THE TIME IS NOW!

Ready, set, LIVE!!!

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