DISTANCE & A MAN’S HEART~ from a woman’s perspective…

DISTANCE & A MAN’S HEART~ from a woman’s perspective…

All I can say is that distance makes my heart grow fonder.

Not your typical romantic novel, but it’s in the same  genre.

Just the smell of you, can stimulate my Heart.  

Just the thought of  you, inspires My every thought.

You  Somehow turned me into a respectable man, all of my demons disappeared, like the beer in my can.

Love means nothing, unless its shown through  actions. Otherwise, its just a word, that can drive men to distraction.

What you give me is much more than satisfaction, it can  only can be described as pure  sexual attraction.

The most slamming girl can not compete with you, nothing fazes me except other means eyes on you. 


My knee’s start to quiver, and I begin to shake, the emotions running through me feel close to hate.


Hell yes I would take that cats last breath, if he even partially begins to stare at Your breasts.

I trust you with all of my heart, so please baby girl, don’t tear my trust apart.

I was not living before, yet now that I’ve met you, my cluttered life, no longer feels askew. 

A new beginning, a fresh start, and its all because I gave you my πŸ’™. 

I πŸ’™ my liFe.


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