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A Positive affirmation is a statement, goal, or decision that you acknowledge in a positive way. This is done in an effort to maintain the balance of your intentions. 

Affirmations are simply “guides” that provide you with a clear picture of your goal, wish, or thought. Using affirmations, you are given the opportunity to have a fresh idea. New ideas and mental images are produced by your mind, and you simply affirm (state) them in a positive way.

Affirmations are also the mental guides or blueprints needed to further develop your future plans and the necessary actions required to succeed. Just remember to decide, envision, and affirm the things you want in a positive way. It’s also imporrant to remain optimistic while affirming your goals and desires you want to achieve.

Using positive affirmations daily will give you the ability to draw out the true power and strength within you,

Remember; you need to clear your mind. Clear from your conscious and unconscious mind all the unwanted negative thoughts, pictures, and emotions.  This will allow your affirmations and decisions to be made without hesitation.


Simply put, affirmations are right decisions in which you  acknowledge in order to maintain the balance of your intentions.  Use them as “guides” to provide you with a clear picture which will allow you direct insight into your own thoughts, or to clarify what other individuals have said to you. A fresh perspective and mental images are produced by your mind.

 Remember to decide well and affirm only  the things you want to do in a positive way. Be optimistic when stating what you desire to achieve. There is no limit to what you are capable of. 


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