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Dreams fascinate me, always have.  I experience brief spans of time where I actually prefer sleep over my real life. During these brief time spans, my dreams are vividly clear and emotionally charged. Best of all,  I have the ability to actually create and control them… 

Suddenly, in my 30’s, I began what I now refer to as my ‘dream dry-spell’. When finally I dreamt again, the very moment my eyelids would flutter open, it was gone.  This dream and forget pattern continued for quite awhile.  Until last night, as a matter of fact…

I was dead. 

Dead, but not gone.

 I was in spirit form. 

A ghost, if you will. 

Moving about in my spirit form somehow  allowed me to see inside if a person’s heart. I was frightened, because there were more dark and evil hearts around me than good ones. 

  • What frightened me most, was all the evil and hatred I could now clearly see inside of so many hearts belonging to the wandering mall patrons. It felt as if these violent thoughts and desires wanted to leap out and latch onto myself and other good souls, so that like an infection, it could spread.

I spent a long time just floating around. On the mall playground I came upon the spirit of a young child crying. I approached the young spirit and words were spoken. I’m unable to recall exactly what was said between us. What I recall, vividly, is that whatever conversation I had with this young spirit, resulted in  a bright flash of pure, white light, and the young spirit was gone. Crossed over, I hope. I was able to assist 3 more spirits  before I woke, wondering when it would be my turn…. 

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