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Dad, I love you so much, but what I need to say is thank you. The impact you have had on my life is amazing.

You are my hero.

This post is dedicated to my Dad, because though he ran several international companies, he still always found time for me, and he showed up to support me when no one else in my family gave me a second thought.

I chose to write this post because upon reflecting on all of the special people in my life that are now gone forever! I realized that I never had the chance to tell any of them why they meant so much to me. I guess a part of me assumed they just knew. They really did not. How could they have known when I never told them. I will not make this mistake again! Especially with the one man who no other man will ever come close to in my heart. My dad.

My dad is one of those amazing men who accomplish so much in their lifetime that it would be almost impossible to even come close to filling his shoes, if one was comparing accomplishments. He really had no choice but to be great, I mean his mother invented the boxer short! If you are anything like me you thought wow when you read that. Some think that there is no way to surpass that single accomplishment, but he did, and not just once. Howeverd, I’m not writing this to list all the amazing things he has done. Im writing this to let him know all the amazing kings he has done for me! And believe me, I was not an easy child, teen, or adult to deal with.

When I was 3 days old I was adopted by DeeDee and Rivers, or mom and dad, as I affectionately called them.

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