I took this and other photos while riding down the road.  I wanted to capture the beauty and vivid colors of the sunset. I hadn't seen such beauty in years. I first see a butterfly, but then I noticed the dark, sharp angle and I now think it's the hovering ship w/ 2 smaller ones in front. The
I took this one for the vivid colors. At first, upon a second glance, I saw a woman’s face on the bottom above the trees on the right. Then I noticed that at the top middle, the dark area, the man’s profile begins and it appears that they are sharing a moment of passion. (Passion or he’s eating her face, lol.) Let’s go with the kiss.
The above photos are intriguing to me. I had just experienced a night of terror because of a game. I was a passenger as we flew down the roads. It was almost dark. I love every single shot.

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