Out of their friendship and, perhaps, their respect for me, they have just given me two more hours. After that, they’ll turn down my invitation. Which means that any (still awaited) answer you might send for the final test will be pointless if it does not come within the next 120 minutes. So this is the last time I’ll write to you.
I wanted to warn you for two reasons:
You are an endearing person, Frances, the bearer of dreams that haven’t yet been given the chance to come true. A tenacious, courageous, strong-willed, upstanding person. I could not, for a single moment, imagine what I now see, someone who behaves as the enemy of their own interests. Forget the money for a moment, I would have thought it a question of crucial interest to know whether or not you are the subject of the year (perhaps even of your entire generation) regarding the use of the gift of hyper vision.
The second reason is that I still want to believe something else has prevented you from answering up to now.
I am only a shaman, a mediator between the earth’s life and her inhabitants, not a seer. What happens in your heart is not always revealed to me.
Were my explanations not sufficient?
Have I not told you that whatever the test’s result might be, you will receive highly confidential information that will offer you the exclusive chance to win distinctly above-average amounts?
Have I not told you that if you failed to rank first in the final test, the cost (modest though it is) of your participation would be fully refunded?
Have I not told you that if you managed to reach the top step of the podium, your probability of winning a considerable sum, with zeros a-plenty, would become a certainty?
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