Two-faced, abusive friends. I am certainly not the only one who has discovered that in my closest circle of friends, there lurked a two-faced, abusive one. One who has been hiding in plain sight for quite some time. Is their anyone else who has recently discovered that someone in their closest circle of friends is not the person they thought they were? How did you stunble upon this discovery? I now feel that there is at least one of these masked ‘friends’ lurking in everyone’s close circle.
The ‘friends’ that I am referring to are the almost, or at least close to, ‘perfect’ ones. Friends that will promise you the sun, the moon, and the stars, seal it with a kiss AND a solemn pinky swear. Then, for absolutely no reason, they break their promise without even a second thought. Things told to them in utter confidance are spilled like yesterday’s milk.
This is only one of a myriad of social flaws.

I firmly believe that, existing quietly in every circle is a two-faced friend. I used to believe that this was the worst type of friend, then I met HER, not just two-faced, but even worse, an abusive sociopath.

I had known her for over a year, and I truly felt that we were ‘real friends. The time came when due to unforeseen circumstancesI needed a place to stay, so I agreed to pay the rent and bills in exchange for the use of her spare room. I did not mind financially helping out my friend since it was going to solve my housing problem. The first couple of weeks went by uneventfully, and then things started to change. At first, it was small overreactions, and I was still able to overlook such minor infractions. I would tell myself that she was just stressed out. Then things changed. Everything set her off. I never imagined that the most abusive relationship I would ever encounter would not be a romantic one, but a friendship.

I like to think that I am strong enough not to be affected by her hurtful words. I’m not. I was raised to talk things out, like a mature adult. So, when verbally attacked at every opportunity, I had no idea how to deal with it. I had never had anyone call me such names or say such things to me. She had not really even
been hiding because it was not just me she abused. It was anyone and everyone who dared to cross her path.

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