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Hi readers. I realize that this post may seem odd to some of you compared to all my others. This post is something that I feel I have to share with the world before its too late.

I was just an infant when my parents had me baptized in a beautiful white gown, at Christ Church. At 17, I was confirmed.

My family attended Sunday School and church every Sunday. I can only speak fir myself on this, but secretly I thought the teachings were a bit far-fetched.

As a teenager, honestly, I did not pray very often, nor did I attend church if I could help it. My attention was focused on sports, dating, classes, and friendship. I remained this way throughout high school.

Though truthfully, it would be a couple of decades before I truly understood the words “FAITH”, and “belief”, as well as the common phrase, “GOD is everywhere”. (He truly is, which is a miracle in itself, and absolutely true.) I am one of a select few, who fortunately were privileged enough to get to know him on a more personal, one-on-one level.

I quit college and drove to Texas to ride horses. A few months into my TexS Adventure, I knew I was pregnant and the father wanted nothing to do with it. So I managed on my own, raising a wonderful child.

I am going to skip ahead a couple of decades.

As I strolled down the highway that is my life, I inadvertently chose the wrong path. The path turned my once beautiful life into a waking nightmare.

I spent the next 15 years with an abusive man and lots of drugs. I lost my true self along the way. I wouldn’t find myself or GOD for many more years.

Belief and faith sound like simple words, however, I now know differently. For it is these two words that were not only the most difficult to comprehend, and even harder to believe and practice, never wavering.

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