World of Fire

World of Fire

The essence of true beauty
Lingers in all-encompassing rainbows
Of your joy and laughter

You hold my hand and smile
As we ensconce ourselves in our world of fire
Our love is all there is

I touch your face
Your gentleness astounds me
I’m held in the honour of your love

Then overnight, the world turned sour
61 minutes past the Eleventh Hour
I’M A L 0 N E…



​I am alone, in spite of love,

In spite of all I take and give —

In spite of all your tenderness,

Sometimes I am not glad to live.

I am alone, as though I stood

On the highest peak of the tired gray world,

About me only swirling snow,

Above me, endless space unfurled;

With earth hidden and heaven hidden,

And only my own spirit’s pride

To keep me from the peace of those

Who are not lonely, having died. 

Poet: Sarah Teasdale


 It’s time for me to stop lying to myself while living in denial. I am an actual flesh and blood SPINSTER. The only thing im missing is multiple  cats roaming around.  I do, however, have 2 dogs, so that may count.  I never meant for this to happen to me. It wasn’t supposed to happen to me. I always felt so lucky in love, untill 4 years ago, that is.  I was lucky, really lucky. And really unlucky all at the same time. Confused?  Yea, me to. As I said, I never meant for this to happen to me, and by ‘this’, I mean ‘spinsterhood’.

I was 25 years old the first time we laid eyes on each other. My son was 4.  I had been with my boyfriend for 6 years at this point. Things had gone stale between us, to put it mildly. And by stale, I mean that he spent 18 of every 24 hours, playing dumb games on our stupid Xbox. Good thing that at this point in my life I had my posse to keep me company. Lol. I mean, I had 7 best friends, all guys, and they were all over at my house most of the time, so I was able to overlook my Xbox zombie for a time. 

 I was attempting to paint the trim in my kitchen when he first walked into my house and into my life, for the first time. Now, this part is hard for me to put into words without sounding like a total cheese ball, but I swear it really happened this way. As I said, I was painting trim in my kitchen. That’s when he walked in, followed by his girlfriend. It didn’t matter who else was in the room, because when our eyes met, everyone in the room felt our chemistry, our connection. Especially our respective partners. 

Now I’m not going to go into detail right now about the next decade and a half. The reason I told you this much was simply to explain why I had always felt so lucky in love. Basically, even now, as a self proclaimed SPINSTER, I know that I am lucky still. I personally know people my age who have done nothing but dream of finding a love like I have already experienced. Besides, no one ever said that once you find true love it will last untill the day you die. Well, I take that back. The reason that im a SPINSTER is because I gave my heart to the love of my life, and I can’t find any reason to be with anyone else. Why bother? It would be 2nd best, because you do not get better than I have already had it. You just don’t. So now, you may call me Ms. Spinster. My 2 dogs and I will happily live out our remaining days knowing that Inot only found my true love, I was able to experience that love for over a decade. Even now, single and alone, I am proud to be who I am today because of this. 

Queen Feelings

Queen Feelings

Are my feelings true?

 As true

 as they get.

Go through anything for you, tears, blood and sweat.

You’ve got me on a cloud right now, hope I don’t descend.

Got my emotions tired, want to be much more than friends.

Bringing aspects to your life that you had never seen,

My heart, a desolate desert, turned into a budding, flowering green.

I don’t care if I’m the King, so long as you are my reigning Queen.

You turned my life if nightmares, into a living dream.

Take your time, think it over, 

 don’t answer right away;

Just realize Queen, you are the Ray of sunlight in my day



Periods of long distortion,

when I see things through the eyes of you. 

This view, 

What will tomorrow bring?


Around the corner my head hurts.

Those eyes, that memory, this road before I’ve traveled.  

But which way did I go?

Just over that hill, be still. 

Bad memory, waking up in dreams.

I want to see what is next…

Into the eyes of you, this view.

What happens after now?

Forever stop infinity to cease endless,


And just out of bounds,

The time to wake up is now.

10 Things I Hate About You…

10 Things I Hate About You…

1.) Because you heard rubbing against an Asian is good luck?

2.)You pop your gum constantly… for hours on end. It causes me to want to climb a wall OR to go over and hit you on the back causing you to spit the gum on the floor. I would then jump up and down on that gum with petulant glee screaming “you done popping yet? ARE YOU???”

3,) I hate how you discover a new movement each week. One day you are walking around in a whale outfit and the next you are laying down in front of my SUV while I am trying to drive away saying “I am murdering the ozone.” I can’t keep up with you!

5,) I hate how you always keep count of how many drinks I have.  I am keeping perfect count.. I put the tops in my pocket. Let’s see I have five… ten… more than a few here apparently…

6.) I hate how you suck the fun out of things. You don’t even need to wave a wand you seem to just absorb the fun in the room. I bet if you bumped into a clown you would kill him by contact.

7.) I hate that you are from a different country and think that you know how “America is” because you have visited here once. I have lived here for 30 years and I still don’t understand this batshit country.

8.) I hate that you have a sign that says “Pro-Choice, Abortion Rights” in one hand and in the other you have “Save the Dolphins.” Fuck the dolphins.

9.) I hate people telling me not to say the word “hate.” I love saying hate because everything else is not worth mentioning.

10.) I hate your perfect sentence because I didn’t write it.

11.) I hate people that are famous for being famous. Naming no names here, but it makes me jealous as hell.


DISTANCE & A MAN’S HEART~ from a woman’s perspective…

DISTANCE & A MAN’S HEART~ from a woman’s perspective…

All I can say is that distance makes my heart grow fonder.

Not your typical romantic novel, but it’s in the same  genre.

Just the smell of you, can stimulate my Heart.  

Just the thought of  you, inspires My every thought.

You  Somehow turned me into a respectable man, all of my demons disappeared, like the beer in my can.

Love means nothing, unless its shown through  actions. Otherwise, its just a word, that can drive men to distraction.

What you give me is much more than satisfaction, it can  only can be described as pure  sexual attraction.

The most slamming girl can not compete with you, nothing fazes me except other means eyes on you. 


My knee’s start to quiver, and I begin to shake, the emotions running through me feel close to hate.


Hell yes I would take that cats last breath, if he even partially begins to stare at Your breasts.

I trust you with all of my heart, so please baby girl, don’t tear my trust apart.

I was not living before, yet now that I’ve met you, my cluttered life, no longer feels askew. 

A new beginning, a fresh start, and its all because I gave you my 💙. 

I 💙 my liFe.

The Spider

The Spider

A two legged spider came out of the blue, like a prize fighter, looking to duel. 

SHE spun her web without emotion; a trap of pain, chaos and dysfunction.

Her wicked beauty led me in, this was the beginning of the end.

SHE wrapped me up in lies and deceit, and she left me hanging till it was time to eat.

SHE drained my heart and left my soul to die.

Then coldly she threw what was left to the side.

SHE  will repair her web, till it looks like new, and lay in wait for the next to fool.

So be real careful, look before you leap, stay away from the web where this spider does creep.

Sunny Weather Girl…

Sunny Weather Girl…

Your my diamond in the rough.

Sweet smell of rose amongst a dirty musk.

Your a diamond, set on platinum.

Your a Pile of carats. 

An undeniable attraction, my words can’t touch 

If I could alleviate your pain I would take it in a second.

Warmth moves over my body when you step in my direction.

Negative outloik, but now your changing my percecption.

More than beautiful, more like God’s divine invention.

Cause for you baby, I would stop the ruin.

Thoughts of you run through my body, like blood runs through my veins.

Everything you do is perfect, I would never give an order.

Walking in the desert, your my only drop of water.

I keep a hard front, but you just crossed the border.

Look into your eyes, and I just see a goddess.

Getting to my heart and defying all my logic.

Can’t figure it out. But whatever. I want you, got it?

Staring at you, it couldn’t get much better.

Feathers of a kind, that’s why we flock tigether.

If you dislike a word of this I hope y I u realize; whether hurricane or tsunami-

Your my sunny weather girl.

A Mom’s Love…a poem

A Mom’s Love…a poem

God’s calling you home, and I must let you go.

I’ll cherish every moment, I want you to know.

You’ve wiped all my tears but just once again,  you’re more than my mother, your my very best friend.

There’s things that I’ll miss, and I will everyday.

I won’t say goodbye, cause I want you to stay. Just know that I love you and we’re never far apart, you’ll be closer than ever cause you’ll live in my heart

So I’ll kiss your cheek, and hold onto your hand; everything happens for a reason, I just wish I’d understand.

Now hold me closer, let me feel your soft touch,

Your the best mom for me, and I will miss you so much.

You are my angel and it’s now time to go fly.

So remember my smile and don’t see me cry.

We’ve had ups and downs of course through he years, but the love you’ve shown me, outweighs all the tears.

I couldn’t be prouder to say you belong to me, we’ll meet again in heaven, just wait and see.



For all who have wondered… did I tell you?

White Lilac ¤ Young Innocence 

    Now that you are almost grown I look back and ask myself, did I tell you? Did I tell you all that I meant to tell you, all that I felt was important? Did I tell you or was it lost in the shuffle of our everyday lives? The busy, full days when we taught and didn’t know it. What did we teach? Was it strong? Was it good? Will it root you in something real, that will allow you to grow with a firm and sound foundation?                                                           Did I tell you…

Rose ¤ Love

Did I tell you to love, not with a Fairweather love, but with a love that accepts and cherishes unconditionally? Love not with a quick and passing love, but with a love that is a quiet peace within your heart.

Wild Pansy ¤ thoughtfulness.  

Did I tell you to be thoughtful? To not be a martyr or a doormat that’s tread upon,but to remain aware of others and their needs.To meet others with awareness and within your own framework be able to meet them halfway, and on ovcasion, be able to go the other half joyfully.

Sweet William ¤ Courtesy

Did I tell you to be courteous? Not to display empty manners with no meaning, but to live the courtesy born of genuinely caring. And to express this caring through the small formalities and customs born of the years.q


Did I tell you to be bold? To not be afraid of the unknown, but to live life to the fullest, and meet each new experience with joy and anticipation.

Oleander ¤ Caution

And did I tell you to be cautious? To temper your daring and sense of adventure with good judgement and consideration.

Willow ¤ Humanity

Did I tell you to serve other people if only in a small way. There is growth and satisfaction in being part of something larger than yourself. Your life will be richer knowing this.

Nasturtium ¤ Patriotism

Did I tell you to maintain a sense of the past? To recall and uphold all that is best and meaningful in our country and in our society. Never be afraid to speak out regarding something you don’t believe in or where there is room for improvement. Work for what you believe, but work in a positive way within a structure of order and reason.

Honeysuckle ¤ Rustic Beauty

Did I tell you to find a part of nature that speaks to you? Get to know it intimately and well. For some it’s a mountain peak, for some a windswept beach. Find yours and in it find your restoration.

Parsley ¤ Festivity

Did I tell you to laugh, dance, and sing? There is a lot in life that is hard, but take it as it comes, and find the good… and always make time to dance.

White Pink ¤ Creativity

Did I tell you to be creative and to explore the seed within you? Find your creative spirit and let it grow.

Wood Sorrel ¤ Joy

And did I tell you the joy and challenge of being a woman? The joy of having a child… knowing and sharing a new life. The joy of making a home…tthe center but not the limit for the lives of those you love. The joy of exploring a third dimension.A world of your own, discovering and fulfilling your own capabilities.

Violet ¤ Humility

Did I tell you all these things as we went along the way? If I did then I am humbly grateful. If I did not then you must choose for yourself. If it has meaning, accecptable it and make it your own.If it doesnt, discard it. Your life is yours to build as you choose.                                           And did I tell you…

Almond ¤ Hope

I hope yours will be a good life, for you get only one.