Queen Feelings

Queen Feelings

Are my feelings true?

 As true as they get.


Go through anything for you, tears, blood and sweat.

You’ve got me on a cloud right now, hope I don’t descend.

Got my emotions tired, want to be much more than friends.

Bringing aspects to your life that you had never seen,


My heart, a desolate desert, turned into a budding, flowering green.


I don’t care if I’m the King, so long as you are my reigning Queen.


You turned my life if nightmares, into a living dream.


Take your time, think it over,


don’t answer right away;


Just realize dear Queen,


you are the Ray of sunlight in my day






Periods of long distortion,

when I see things through the eyes of you.

This view,

What will tomorrow bring?


Around the corner, my head hurts.

Those eyes, that memory, this road before I’ve traveled.

But which way did I go?

Just over that hill, be still.

Bad memory, waking up in dreams.

I want to see what is next…

Into the eyes of you, this view.

What happens after now?

Forever stop infinity to cease endlessly,


And just out of bounds,

The time to wake up is now.

A Light In The Center of Sin

A Light In The Center of Sin

A Light in the Center of Sin


Everyday hands me a new life to start over.
Maybe this new dawn will keep me sober,
I’m alive.

A great life.
Made me dirty, while I was hurting.
Hold me down on my apex.
Hours click by on red numbers, but still I get no rest.
And I strive,
To get shit right.
Get me, help me, bring me back down again.
Wait! What’s that up ahead?!
It’s a light in the center of Sin.

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A frozen wind bites into my mortal flesh.
My mind is an utter void at this point.
Vacant of thought and emotion~ save one—

There! Down the path, another figure, a life!
I recognize this person, he has returned!
No!  This cannot be. He is only a fond memory.
My life has no room for him.  I have lost him.

I turn to walk away, but i am halted by;
rough hands, greeted by moist lips, captured 
by green eyes, and led back to our home~

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