DISTANCE & A MAN’S HEART~ from a woman’s perspective…

DISTANCE & A MAN’S HEART~ from a woman’s perspective…

All I can say is that distance made my heart grow fonder.

Not your typical romance novel, but it’s in the same genre.

Just the smell of you can stimulate my Heart.

Just the thought of you inspires My every thought.

You  Somehow turned me into a respectable man, all of my demons disappeared, like the beer in my can.

Love means nothing unless it’s shown through actions. Otherwise, it’s just a word, that can drive men to distraction.

What you give me is much more than satisfaction, it can only be described as pure sexual attraction.

The most slamming girl cannot compete with you, nothing fazes me now except other men’s eyes on you.


My knee’s start to quiver, and I begin to shake, the emotions running through me feel very close to hate.


Hell yes, I would take that cat’s last breath, if he even partially begins to stare at Your breasts.

I trust you with all of my heart, so please baby girl, don’t tear my trust apart.

I was not living before, yet now that I’ve met you, my cluttered life no longer feels askew.

A new beginning, a fresh start, and it’s all because I gave you my ūüíô.

I love my life.

¬†Fake Friend, heed my advice…

¬†Fake Friend, heed my advice…

I know that you will immediately show or read this to him, your personal puppet master, yet it would be a grave disservice for me to not pass on this small, yet a personally hard-earned bit of wisdom.

First, a confession.  I admit that I fell for your performance; hook, line, and sinker. BRAVO!  I believed you.  I believed that you and I were actually friends; real friends- not pretend ones. Imagine my surprise upon realizing that our every interaction had been cleverly choreographed by your man, then carried out by you.  Betrayal and lies hurt, I need you to realize this.  You, his personal puppet, should be hurt as well. Though you were acting and doing as you were told, that in of itself is a type of betrayal.

So, despite your betrayal, here’s some advice, one woman to another…
Every aspect of your life will change for the better once you begin to make up your own mind and start making your own decisions. ¬†Figure out who you are as a woman, what you like, and who you like; using no one’s opinion other than your own. I’m telling you this because I genuinely liked you and I hoped to see you genuinely happy one day.
Remember, we only get this one, small, a speck of time to live our lives, and to try to get it right.
On your deathbed, wouldn’t you prefer to reflect on all the choices that you made, because you chose to make them? ¬†Or would you prefer to reflect back on all the choices and decisions made for you, by someone else?
Even as I write this, I know that you may ignore my advice. I am okay with that.  I feel better knowing that I tried. The rest is up to you.  I wish nothing but the best for you, in every area of your life.  I hope that one day you will wish the same for yourself, so that you may know true happiness and contentment.